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Communiqué de presse 13-12-2007 : La position des partis politiques sur la protection, conservation et mise en valeur des milieux naturels du Québec méridional
Communiqué de presse 1er octobre 2007 : le lancement du Projet Parc Écologique de l’Archipel de Montréal

Press release October 1, 2007. Launch of the Montreal Archipelago Ecological Park Project.

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In the News / L'actualité

Montreal Matters: The Environment! Main page: Media Archive: Note: For both PCs and MACs, you will need Real Player to view or listen to these media clips. Read about media plug-in requirements and download Real Player here.

RADIO NOON October 12, 2007 - Radio Noon is broadcasting live from Gault Nature Reserve at Mount St. Hilaire, a one-thousand hectare forest sanctuary. One of the only pieces of primeval forest in the St. Lawrence River Valley...and the largest old-growth forest in the region. All this, about half an hour off the island of Montreal. Over the next two hours, we'll be talking about how a natural space such as this one has managed to be preserved, despite being so close to a major urban centre. And we'll look at the debates and challenges that come along with that kind of conservation. David Fletcher guests in part 6.

RADIO NOON October 11, 2007 - Keeping children away from harm is something everyone, from parents to teachers to daycare workers, has at the forefront of their thoughts. A series of workshops beginning this weekend titled "Playing it Safe" are designed to give parents and caregivers working with kids tips and tools to make the world a safer place for children. Dr. Jean Zigby is a family physician and president of the Environmental Health Committee of the Quebec College of Family Physicians. And Michel Gaudet is vice-president of the Allergy and Environmental Health Association of Quebec.

JUST THE TICKET CITY HALL TO ROLL OUT 3 PROJECTS - MAYOR’S PRIORITIES Extension of métro’s Blue Line, rapid bus route on Pie IX Blvd., downtown-airport link LINDA GYULAI GAZETTE CIVIC AFFAIRS REPORTER January 18 2008
No migratory birds on Golf Dorval, government says - West Island Gazette by ANNA BRATULIC, Freelance : January 10, 2008

Ecological park gains momentum - Sprawling area. Politicians of all stripes send letters supporting proposal by MICHELLE LALONDE, The Gazette December 27, 2007

Another bridge to Île Bizard?: - It's one roadblock after another City of Montreal earmarks $700,000 to study proposed 'urban boulevard' by DAVID JOHNSTON, The Gazette December 17 2007

Archipel de Montréal: - les écologistes récoltent des appuis Par Sara Champagne La Presse Le vendredi 14 décembre 2007

Better bus service demands - Some changes on the way The Westmount Examiner by Raffy Boudjikanian December 12nd 2007

Archipel - enpréambule Par MICHEL PRÉVILLE Rédacteur en chef ©, November 2007

Environmentalists cry foul at airport - You might think you have seen Canada geese while teeing off in Golf Dorval, but a letter by Environment Minister John Baird suggests that they are not close enough to any of the construction activities going on in the airport expansion project there to suffer. BY RAFFY BOUDJIKANIAN The Chronicle, November 29th 2007

Conservationists mount drive to block Anse à l'Orme housing - Land zoned residential is prime eco-territory, Green Coalition says © The Gazette (Montreal) 2007 ANNA BRATULIC, Thursday, November 22

Critics grow impatient with Pierrefonds building project - The message on the promotional sign says: "Delivery spring 2007." JASON MAGDER, The Gazette November 8, 2007

Let's protect deer habitat - Last weekend, I went for a hike along l'Anse à l'Orme Rd. in Ste. Anne de Bellevue. As I walked along what is in essence a country road, bordered as it is by woods and meadows, I noticed the fresh tracks of white-tailed deer (odocoileus virginianus). The Gazette October 25, 2007 by RYAN YOUNG

Nature in need of nurture - Urban patchwork lacking green The Link: Concordia's Independent Newspaper By Elisabeth de Grandpré and Matthew Brett October 2007

Un véritable plan de protection - Parc écologique de l’Archipel de Montréal. L'Étoile, par Elizabeth Caron le 2 octobre 2007

Cliquez sur le lien pour voir la vidéo - Les plus importants milieux humides du Grand Montréal sont maintenant sur YouTube. Agissons pour les préserver... .

Grand Montréal - Une coalition suggère de créer un Parc écologique de l'Archipel - Une quarantaine de groupes écologistes du Grand Montréal, appuyés par les trois conseils régionaux de l'environnement, ont lancé hier l'idée d'arrêter le saccage des milieux naturels de la région et d'y créer le Parc écologique de l'Archipel. Le Devoir le 2 octobre 2007 par Louis-Gilles Francoeur

Local groups unite to save green space - 'It's a desperate situation,' activists say The Gazette by IRWIN BLOCK, October 2, 2007

West Islander leads shore clean-up - Ryan Young is in the woods. The Suburban West Island News By Irene Chwalkowski 2007-09-26

Little-known Falaise St. Jacques threatened by expressway, says eco-group - A Montreal environmental group fears that the Falaise St. Jacques — which is a densely-wooded linear green space hanging down a cliff on the south side of St. Jacques Street in NDG — could be endangered when a plan to restructure the Turcot Interchange is implemented a few years from now. The Chronicle West End Edition by Martin C. Barry September 19th 2007

Public transit needs paramount: briefs - BIG BUSINESS, GREEN COALITION AGREE Hearings on Montreal transportation plan. ALYCIA AMBROZIAK THE GAZETTE Thursday, September 06

Lachine makes tramway pitch URGING CITY TO REVIVE RAIL LINK Part of borough’s plans to revive Victoria St. - Lachine is making a plea and even setting aside land to build a tramway line between the westend borough and downtown. GAZETTE CIVIC AFFAIRS REPORTER LINDA GYULAI August 28, 2007

Des citoyens inquiets - 66 logements de plus que prévu aux rapides du Cheval Blanc. Cités Nouvelles par Marie-Hélène Verville le 10 août 2007

Green corridor facing fragmentation: Panel - ST. LAZARE ­ One of the municipality's largest remaining green corridors is threatened by uncontrolled development, according to a survey by a panel of the region's leading environmentalists. Hudson/St.Lazare Gazette by Matthew Brett AUGUST 8, 2007

Les Verts pour le boulevard, pas l'autoroute - Le prolongement de la 440 Ouest ne heurte pas que la vision de certains maires du West Island. Il fait l'objet, depuis des années, d'une lutte acharnée de la part des environnementalistes. Courrier Laval, par Nathalie Villeneuve le 5 août 2007

Pesticide use declining at local golf courses - West Island links double as wildlife refuges The Chronicle, BY MARC LALONDE July 26th 2007

Les espaces naturels disparaîtront d’ici peu, croit la Coalition verte - Selon la Coalition verte, les espaces naturels, comprenant les marais, boisés et terres humides, seront complètement disparus du territoire montréalais d’ici une décennie, remplacés par des parcs immobiliers et des industries. Une affirmation que rejette la Ville. Montreal Express le 12 juillet 2007

Tremblay's rail plan off track, critics say - 'Some stuff is vague - and some is lunacy' BY LINDA GYULAI, The Gazette Published: Monday, July 9, 2007

Meadowbrook activists want new railway setbacks to stop housing - Members of two local environmentalist groups, who are concerned that residential development could start at one of the West End's largest remaining green spaces — the Meadowbrook Golf Course — want Quebec to adopt new railway setback rules, which could permanently prevent housing from being built at Meadowbrook. BY MARTIN C. BARRY The Chronicle West End Edition July 2nd 2007

Meadowbrook mystery - No one is talking about what went on last Wednesday at a “corporate day” held on the Meadowbrook Golf course. News of the event a week and a half ago had golfers and activists worried that developers were visiting the site, which straddles Côte St. Luc, Lachine and Montreal West, to determine potential for a housing development. By Joel Goldenberg, The Suburban West End News 2007-06-20

The Jewel of the West End Meadowbrook, A Private Community - By Irwin Rapoprt, The West End Times June 16, 2007

Light rail plans imperilled: activists - Construction on or near the old Doney spur railway line in Pointe Claire could threaten the proposed creation of a rapid transit train linking the West Island to downtown, the Green Coalition warns. The Gazette West Island Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hampstead opts for synthetic grass, despite controversy elsewhere - Despite an uproar in Westmount among residents who are adamantly opposed to synthetic grass being installed on their city's playing fields, officials with the Town of Hampstead say they have no regrets after artificial turf was recently installed in a children's playground. The Chronicle West End Edition, BY MARTIN C. BARRY June 14th 2007.

Criticism greets Tremblay's transport plan - Mayor shares vision for next 20 years By Linda Gyulai GAZETTE CIVIC AFFAIRS REPORTER The Gazette 12 Jun 2007

Green Coalition Concerned by Doney Spur Development - By Irwin Rapoprt, The West End Times June 9, 2007

The end of Doney Spur? - Environmental activists say Pointe Claire has demonstrated a “lack of vision” by allegedly allowing a retail developer to build a Home Depot store that encroaches on vacant land near the Trans-Canada Highway. By Kristin Morency, The Suburban West Island News 2007-06-06

Pine-Park will be thing of beauty Fotopulos - Public input needed, borough mayor says By Debbie Parkes, The Gazette Published: Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Montreal transport plan just what the mayors ordered: Nydam - The West Island's former industrial commissioner says Montreal was listening to local mayors when it pieced together the island's transport plan. Now, Georges Nydam says West Islanders have to make sure provincial and federal politicians deliver so upgrades can be realized. The Chronicle by Andy Blatchford Article online since May 22nd 2007

Un écosystème en danger de disparition - Encore vivant dans Vaudreuil-Dorion. L'Étoile, par Elizabeth Caron le 15 mai 2007

Groups blast airport authority on expansion into Golf Dorval - West Island environmentalists teed off on Aéroports de Montréal president James Cherry last week over the public corporation's repossession of a local golf course. BY ANDY BLATCHFORD The Chronicle, West Island Edition Article online since May 11st 2007

Time runs out for Golf Dorval - Environmental activists trying to save the green space at Golf Dorval say the Aéroports de Montréal (ADM) is going around the law to avoid a public consultation on developing the land. The Suburban West Island News By Kristin Morency, 2007-05-09

Lachine's Dauphin says he's willing to dialogue on Meadowbrook - Claude Dauphin, the Borough of Lachine's mayor, is not ruling out the possibility of starting a dialogue with the City of Côte St. Luc over the future of the Meadowbrook Golf Course. BY MARTIN C. BARRY The Chronicle West End Edition, Article online since May 7th 2007

Les citoyens critiquent l'aéroport de Dorval - Année après année, l'assemblée annuelle d'Aéroports de Montréal est l'occasion pour des citoyens montréalais de pourfendre ADM : cette année encore, la quinzaine de personnes qui ont posé des questions ont toutes critiqué le bruit des avions, les décollages nocturnes ou trop matinaux, la disparition d'une importante partie du golf Dorval ou le fait qu'ADM ne fasse pas de profits malgré l'augmentation du nombre de passagers. La Presse Éric Clément Le vendredi 04 mai 2007

ADM invoque la concurrence pour réduire ses taxes - Aéroports de Montréal entend se servir de l'ouverture prochaine du nouvel aéroport international de Plattsburg, qui lui fera directement concurrence, pour convaincre les autorités publiques de réduire son fardeau fiscal. 3 mai 2007 Presse Canadienne

La Coalition verte voit grand - Parc national de l'archipel de Montréal: un rêve. En assemblée annuelle, la Coaltion verte a révélé son grand projet pour les prochaines années. Ces environnementalistes souhaitent la création d’un grand parc national dans la métropole et les environs avec ce qui reste d’espaces verts à préserver. Cités Nouvelles, par Marie-Hélène Verville Article mis en ligne le 27 avril 2007.

Les écologistes expriment un bémol - Clément, Éric La Presse Plus, dimanche 22 avril 2007, p. PLUS 4. Pour les groupes écologistes, si des efforts ont été faits, on est encore loin d'avoir atteint un réel développement durable dans l'île de Montréal.

Meadowbrook sold for $3M - By Joel Goldenberg, The Suburban West End News 2007-04-18. Meadowbrook has been slated for development several times over the years. Meadowbrook Golf Course was sold last fall for $3 million, The Suburban has learned. The sale of the golf course will be a “relevant” factor in the ongoing $20 million lawsuit brought against Côte St. Luc by the site’s former owners for rezoning its half of the site from residential to recreational, says Mayor Anthony Housefather.

Entente historique pour le Bois Angell - 22,2 hectares désormais protégés au cœur même de la forêt. Cités Nouvelles, par Marie-Hélène Verville Article mis en ligne le 13 avril 2007

Forest wetlands to be preserved - Beaconsfield, Montreal buy 22.2-hectare chunk of Angell Woods. By CHERYL CORNACCHIA The Montreal Gazette 12 April 2007. The city of Montreal and the West Island municipality of Beaconsfield announced yesterday they have concluded an agreement that will see a 22-hectare tract of West Island green space turned into parkland and protected from development.

Angell Woods angel - Montreal, the City of Beaconsfield and Ducks Unlimited Canada scored a major environmental coup with the announcement of a $4 million deal to buy 22 hectares in the heart of Angell Woods from Marcel Dutil of a company named Alta. By Irene Chwalkowski, The Suburban 2007-04-11

Signs of green, signs of hope for the future - Le chef du Parti vert en visite dans l'Ouest-de-l'Île. Montreal Gazette West Island: Voices Of The Community RYAN YOUNG 5 April 2007 Another provincial election has come and gone and a new political landscape has emerged.

Green Coalition urging City of Côte St. Luc to enact the Kyoto resolution - Le chef du Parti vert en visite dans l'Ouest-de-l'Île. The Chronicle West End Edition BY MARTIN C. BARRY Article online since March 27th 2007. Environmental activists are mounting the pressure on Côte St. Luc city council to pass a resolution stating its position with regards to the Kyoto Accord on greenhouse gas emissions.

Scott McKay pour les espaces verts protégés à Montréal - Le chef du Parti vert en visite dans l'Ouest-de-l'Île. Cités Nouvelles, Par Marie-Hélène Verville Article mis en ligne le 23 mars 2007. Lorsque le chef du Parti vert a décidé de venir faire un tour dans la région, il a choisi le Bois Angell, situé à Beaconsfield et à Pierrefonds, pour faire sa conférence.

$15 billion for mass transit: McKay - By Irene Chwalkowski, The Suburban West Island News 2007-03-21 During a visit to Angell Woods Monday, Green Party leader Scott McKay said that a vote for the Green Party will send a clear strong message to the next prime minister that voters want action on environmental issues.

Green leader calls on West Island to send eco-message to Quebec - BY ANDY BLATCHFORD The Chronicle Article online since March 21st 2007. Green Party of Quebec Leader Scott McKay says West Islanders can hammer home a point on the environment in the upcoming election.

Quebec must do more to protect park land, Greens say - CBC News Tuesday, March 20, 2007. The Quebec Green Party is accusing the province of neglecting green spaces, saying Montreal is one of the worst Canadian cities when it comes to protecting park land.

Fight still on for Golf Dorval - By Kristin Morency, The Suburban 2007-02-28. Plans to demolish 18 holes at a Dorval golf course could be illegal and should be suspended until certain protocols are followed, say representatives of the group SOS Dorval.

Let developer pay for basin: residents - By Irene Chwalkowski, The Suburban 2007-02-28. Several Pierrefonds/Roxboro citizens are angry that taxpayers are picking up the tab for a $2.6 million retention basin in the Heritage-sur-le-Lac residential development in western Pierrefonds.

CSL seeks parking alternatives - By Joel Goldenberg, The Suburban Article online since February 21 2007. Côte St. Luc is trying to find its residents less expensive alternatives to parking overnight on the street. A recently instituted $35 monthly overnight parking fee has the city eyeing lots at city-owned buildings or other properties, said Mayor Anthony Housefather.

CSL council Kyoto resolution not in the cards - The Chronicle West End Edition Article online since February 20 2007. Côte St. Luc city council isn’t planning on passing any resolutions soon referring to the Kyoto Protocol on global warming, but would rather take concrete actions to help reduce greenhouse emissions.

Home construction project bulldozes over protests: Contracts awarded for groundwork. - LINDA GYULAI 17 February 2007 Montreal Gazette. Pierrefonds residents oppose plan to build on one of last natural spaces in Montreal.
L'île Anticosti Dézonée - Journal de Montreal Feb 15. L'île Anticosti ne conserve que son parc national et deux réserves de boidiversité.

Quartiers d'avenir - Cités Nouvelles par Marie-Hélène Verville le 5 février 2007 Le maire de Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue répond aux étudiants de McGill.

Quand Île de Montréal s'accorde au pluriel - Agglomération et environnement, cas d'espèce. Par Marie-Hélène Verville Cités Nouvelles Article mis en ligne le 12 janvier 2007. "La conservation des écosystèmes, c'est une compétence de l'agglomération. Nous, à la ville, on s'occupe du développement!" Voici la réponse qu'a eue le maire de Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Bill Tierney, lorsqu'il a été interrogé par des citoyens inquiets des coupes d'arbres dans la forêt de l'Anse-à-l'Orme, en novembre dernier. Est-ce un argument valable?

My simple eco-list to make Canada a greener nation - ERIC REGULY The Globe And Mail Saturday, February 3, 2007. Watching Question Period in the House of Commons on Thursday was like watching kindergarten brats holler at one another in the school yard. The topic was, of course, climate change. The Liberals, having botched Canada's entry into the Kyoto accord by setting impossible emission reduction targets, were insisting the Tories adopt Kyoto's impossible targets. A five-year-old letter was dredged up in which the author, one Stephen Harper, called Kyoto a "socialist scheme."

Secteur revitalisé - Un projet majeur pour le centre économique de Pointe-Claire Par Marie-Hélène Verville Cités Nouvelles Article mis en ligne le 29 janvier 2007. À la place de l'ancienne usine de Procter and Gamble, aujourd'hui rasée, il y aura des résidences pour personnes âgées, des commerces, des bureaux et un hôtel qui seront bientôt construits, a confirmé le maire de Pointe-Claire, Bill McMurchie.

Dorval mayor to take swing at saving golf course - Ottawa asked to intervene: Rouleau BY ANDY BLATCHFORD The Chronicle Article online since January 24 2007.

Accord final dans les rapides du Cheval-Blanc - Après moult remous et changements de cap, le Groupe Grilli construira 251 habitations sur une partie de l'écoterritoire des rapides du Cheval-Blanc. Par Marie-Hélène Verville Cités Nouvelles Article mis en ligne le 22 janvier 2007 .

Cheval Blanc project gets final go-ahead - 251 housing units to be built. Pierrefonds borough mayor Worth rejects critics' complaints of lack of consultation. PATRICIA ENBORG, The Gazette Freelance. Published: Thursday, January 18, 2007 .
A controversial waterfront development, to be built on the natural shoreline across from the Cheval Blanc rapids on Riviere des Prairies, received final approval at Pierrefonds/Roxboro borough council Monday night.

Construction a go in ecoterritory - Citizens ask for more from borough council. BY ANDY BLATCHFORD The Chronicle Article online since January 17 2007.
The final chapter of a decade-long struggle between environmentalists and politicians over a proposed residential development in a Pierrefonds ecoterritory closed this week, after the borough’s council passed a bylaw to accept the plan.

No sidewalks for project - By By Irene Chwalkowski, The Suburban, The Suburban 2007-01-17. Pierrefonds/Roxboro borough officials said no Monday night to pleas by residents to include sidewalks at the 250-unit Domaine des Brises project, saying the developer has made enough concessions to satisfy various interest groups.

Appreciating an urban forest - By Meghan Jean Low, The Suburban 2007-01-10. Angell Woods is a hot spot for dog walkers and nature lovers. On a typical day, dogs can be found chasing one another in the forest while people talk and walk with family and friends. The forest brings people together to share their passions for the outdoors.

Quand Île de Montréal s'accorde au pluriel - Agglomération et environnement, cas d'espèce. Par Marie-Hélène Verville Cités Nouvelles Article mis en ligne le 12 janvier 2007. "La conservation des écosystèmes, c'est une compétence de l'agglomération. Nous, à la ville, on s'occupe du développement!" Voici la réponse qu'a eue le maire de Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Bill Tierney, lorsqu'il a été interrogé par des citoyens inquiets des coupes d'arbres dans la forêt de l'Anse-à-l'Orme, en novembre dernier. Est-ce un argument valable?

Seuls les milieux humides d'envergure seront sauvés. - Louis-Gilles Francoeur Le Devoir Édition du jeudi 14 décembre 2006. Québec a édicté le 30 novembre dernier, sans tambour ni communiqué de presse, les règles qui permettront dorénavant aux fonctionnaires du ministère du Développement durable, de l'Environnement et des Parcs (MDDEP) d'autoriser les promoteurs à assécher, remblayer et construire dans les marais et les milieux humides du Québec.

Letters to the Editor / Tribune libre


Sabotaging the Greens Home and Away - Letter to the Editor Re: Sabotaging the Greens: Home & Away by Paul Wilkinson. West Island Gazette December 20, 2007
Harper let us down on climate change - Letter to the Editor by Paul Wilkinson West Island Gazette December 20, 2007
"Afternoon commute should be better, AMT says" - Letter to the Editor by Avrom Shtern Montreal Gazette, December 6, 2007.
Otter Lake, Environmental And Transportation Policy. - Letter to the Editor by Avrom Shtern Tuesday, The Concordian online, November 6, 2007.

Greener alternatives to proposed railway. - Letter to the Editor: New CPR Intermodal Terminal; Constructive Suggestions For An Environmentally Friendly Railway Yard. West Island Gazette Mailbox, October. 18, 2007.

Terminal plan should consider environment - Letter to the Editor: The proposed Canadian Pacific Railway Intermodal Terminal (“Consultation meeting on CP terminal plan,” ). West Island Gazette Mailbox, October. 4, 2007.

Labonte's Lair: Unsustainable destruction - Letter to the Editor: The Suburban June, 15, 2007. Unedited version here.
Railway bridges often outlast highway ones - Letter to the Editor: The Gazette August 23, 2007.
Return to glory days - Letter to the Editor: The Gazette August 5, 2007.

Save the ‘green lungs’ - Letter to the Editor: The Chronicle August 1st 2007.

Suburbia green - Letter to the Editor: The Chronicle June 20th 2007.

Kids help, pols helpless.pdf - Letter to the Editor: The Chronicle Thursday, June 13, 2007

Let's think green this summer - Editorial by Marc Lalonde : Thursday, June 13, 2007

Cars still rule - Letter to the Editor: Thursday, June 07, 2007 West Island Gazette

"How Green Is This Paper?" - Letter to the Editor: The Gazette Thursday, April 26, 2007

Comparing kids to eggs - Letter to the Editor: The Chronicle 2007-04-25, The Gazette Thursday, April 26, 2007

DeSousa and Tremblay not on same page - Letter to the Editor The Suburban 2007-03-21

Sacrifice for the environment - Letter to the Editor The Suburban 2007-03-21

Do the math - Letter to the Editor Al Hayek The Gazette Tuesday, March 20, 2007. Re: "Is recycling really worth it?" (Opinion, March 15).

Security risks - Letter to the Editor The Chronicle. Article online since January 17 2007. On Dec. 12, the Urban Advisory Committee (CCU) unveiled their latest building project for Cheval Blanc west. The original plan was for 650 units, but this fell through when the Agence de transport métropolitain (AMT) did not approve a second transit line with train station running parallel to the present one.


RE: "Airport train studies underway" - The Suburban West Island News, November 21 2007.
RE: Dorval-downtown train project resurrected - Letter to the Editor The Chronicle November 15th 2007.
RE: "Mayors dust off rule books to cool council critics: Local politics take on in-your-face tone", Patricia Emborg, - Letter to the Editor The Gazette West Island May 31, 2007.
Re: The Environment, The Economy and Sustainable Development: The Flavour of the Day. - Letter to the Editor The Gazette March 24, 2007.

Re: Let developer pay for basin: residents - Letter to the Editor Lewis Poulin to the editor of the Suburban Friday, 2 March 2007. On more than one occasion, I asked the Pierrefonds-Roxboro mayor and council: - Do they consider prior to approval, the impact proposed residential developments, roads and highways will have on local air quality and the environment?

Re: Home construction project bulldozes over protests - Letter to the Editor Al Hayek, President, Green Coalition, the Gazette, Saturday February 17 2007.. There is a very limited supply of ecologically valuable natural space left on the Island of Montreal. City of Montreal officials need to explain to the public how they intend to meet their commitments to preserve 6% of Montreal Island under their Natural Spaces Policy.

Re: "The Weather: Montreal won't escape the consequences of global warming; But our port and rail links could give us some advantage" (Opinion, Henry Aubin, January 6, 2007) - Letter to the Editor Avrom David Shtern, January 9, 2007. Railways have great potential, but frequencies, parking facilities and overall service must be first rate for motorists to switch to this energy efficient and environmentally friendly alternative.

Re: Henry Aubin and Trolley Buses... - Letter to the Editor Avrom David Shtern, Dec. 24, 2006.. Henry Aubin favours trolley buses over tramways because of their moderate price tag. ("Trolley buses are clear winner", The Gazette, Sat., Dec. 23, 2006, p.B7). But is price the only basis on which to choose a mode of transport? Saving money in the short term has led to a deteriorated public transit infrastructure that discourages ridership.

People In the News / L'actualité

Daybreak is doing a remote broadcast this morning. We're at Dusty's, a popular breakfast joint on Park Avenue. And we're taking a look at the city of Montreal's place in the provincial elections. So let's turn to the politicians. Martin Lemay is a former city councillor and the Parti Quebecois candidate for the downtown Montreal riding of Ste. Marie-St Jacques. Charles Ghorayeb is running for the Action Democratique in L'Acadie, in the north end of Montreal. Russell Copeman is the Liberal candidate for NDG. And Ryan Young is running for the Green Party in Jacques Cartier, on Montreal's West Island.

Espaces verts et éducation pour Ryan Young - Candidat au Parti vert . Par Marie-Hélène Verville Cités Nouvelles Article mis en ligne le 2 mars 2007. Voici la troisième fois que Ryan Young se présente comme candidat au Parti vert, dont la seconde dans la circonscription de Jacques-Cartier. Pour ce professeur-cinéaste du cégep John-Abbott, l’implication politique est avant tout un devoir de citoyen.

West End Achiever - He’s been keeping a close eye on council - CSL resident Jack Cabot has been attending meetings since the mid-’60s. BY MARTIN C. BARRY The West-End Chronicle. Article online since December 22 2006. Côte St. Luc resident Jack Cabot was attending sessions of his city’s elected council years before its current mayor, Anthony Housefather, was born.

A Botanist Becomes a Broker - "Whether it's how we treat the environment or each other, it's all connected," says Martina Hoft, conservation botanist and real estate broker. By Andrew Fazekas Canada 7 July 2006.

Student journalism articles published/unpublished

Untitled - In an articulate voice that fluctuates little in tone, Avrom Shtern, 45, begins to explain how if the cottonwood trees bordering the Meadowbrook Golf Course were to be cut down, the golf course's soil would no longer stay hydrated and the whole mini-ecosystem would be thrown off, a danger to the city's flora and fauna. By Concordia Journalism Student Siena Anstis April 2007.